Can I join as publisher and advertiser?

In short yes you can be an advertiser and publisher if you want to but if you are here to advertise only then please click on the advertiser button to sign up and advertise.. Conversely if you are here to be a publisher then pleas click on the publisher button If you want to be both advertiser and publisher we recommend that you first become a publisher and then when your account is setup then you can signup as advertiser and your advertising will be on your own pages as well as ours at the same time.

How many different types of advertising can I use?

In short we have 26 different formats of advertising for you to use and deploy onto our networks and you can choose when and when they are shown and even how many times per day they are shown. Please see below all the different formats we use on our networks and note that these show up on your ads account when they are set by a publisher. Only formats set by publishers are visible to use on advertiser accounts. 1/ Banners Full Size 468x60 2/ Banners Half Size 234x60 3/ Banners Vertical 120x240 3/ Banners Vertical Tower 160x600 4/ Button 120x90 5/ 6/ Button 88x31 7/ Complete Page 800x600 8/ Facebook style ads 9/ Full Page Ad 10/Message Box 11/ News Style 12/ On click pop under window 13/ On click popup window 14/ Page Peel ads 15/ Slide In ads 16/ Sticky ads bar bottom 17/ Sticky ads bar top 18/ Sticky bottom banner (recommended for mobile phones) 19/ Sticky Note 20/ Takeover 21/ Text Ads (clean style) 22/ Text Ads (Google style ads) 23/ Text Ads Bar 24/ Video 25/ Virtual Pages 1 26/ Virtual pages 2

Can I target specific countries?

Yes you can target specific countries of your choice when you setup each ad, currently we have limited this to four countries for each ad but will review this over time. You can how ever setup multiple ads and choose four different countries for each ad. We are also reviewing targeting of specific regions and cities and will update you when this is up and running.

What payments methods can I use for advertising?

Currently we have limited this to PayPal only which also allows you to use all major credit and debit cards in a very secure environment at all times to ensure the security of your information which is never stored on our systems.