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Unchained melody

I chose this one at this time for my fiance because we have to spend time apart whilst we create our future and this rarely seen footage is in very high quality just like my Lady Elizabeth who waits patiently for me as I work hard daily until we are together permamently.

Bow Wow Wow 2448 (read description) Dont write in the comments "you are so bad" guys i am with bad skills i want to record this cuz i want my 12 tps back so enjoy this video (i dont think)
Gillie Da Kid Clowns Bow Wow For Trying To Give Advice About Women Philly rapper Gillie Da Kid clowns Bow Wow for trying to act like a playa and give advice about women. Comedy and entertainment from the hottest urban news ...
GD #1 | Bow Wow (easy) First video and I'm the Smokey one.
Gillie Da Kid Schools Bow Wow Thinking He Got Game After Giving Out Terrible Advice Subscribe for more celebrity exclusive videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf0r3lcV0vSP89xITEY9NuA *Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the ...
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