Blog created: 28/09/2017


We created STIFORP for one primary finally level
the playing field between the most successful people in the
industry and the people who have struggled to find success. 
And we wanted to do it in a way that  EVERYONE in the industry could 
take advantage of it.  Because we KNEW that if we could give people a                    
SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE, and EFFECTIVE way to take ANY business in
this industry to the next level, we would have something that would truly
REVOLUTIONIZE the industry.

It is very apparent that SO MANY people from successful leaders in the
industry, to brand new members just getting started, to people who have
tried different programs in the past and were not able to reach their goals,
ALL share our VISION and our PASSION for taking these tools to the
WORLD and FOREVER changing the way that network marketing is done
for the BETTER.

 We are BEYOND EXCITED to share that numbers have exploded beyond
our wildest expectations.  

To put that in perspective, most companies max out around
3,000 to 5,000 paid members within a few YEARS. 
We put in 20,000 people in 2 months.

With over 130 MILLION PEOPLE around the world who
NEED these tools, even if only 1% of those people
recognized the value of these tools and joined STIFORP,
that would be OVER ONE MILLION members all going into
our amazing matrix.  And remember, the ONLY place those
people can go is UNDER the ones who are already in.

STIFORP is making history and we are SO HAPPY that YOU
can be a part of it.

Congratulations to all of our amazing members. 
We can't wait to see you at the TOP.
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