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Why Do People Leave Your Downline

Blog created: 27/09/2017


MLM Attrition – Why Do Peope Leave Your Downline


Because no company knows how to stop them leaving , except ONE.

The Link of the Golden ONE is posted below.

Are you struggling with MLM attrition in your business?

Maybe you had a few people join your team but at the same time, others are quitting!

You get this terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach when people leave your downline.

MLM attrition was unavoidable.

Thanks to this smart CEO and owner of this MLM company

MLM Attrition is now AVOIDABLE.


So many times I’ve had people join my team and they were super excited! They were going to do everything necessary to become the next 6-figure earner. Well guess what, many of those people disappear within a week or month.


Because they can if they are not making the progress they expected.

What if I tis impossible for them to quit?

Do you think it would give you and their upline sponsors more time to help

Them for FREE?


Get Free help for life from your Active Upline with Karatbars.

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